From the mind that brought you The Simpsons (arguably the greatest television show of all time), Futurama at its best is like nothing else in TV history, managing to be at once staggeringly clever and beautifully dumb. With 124 episodes and 4 movies, it’s the perfect length for an in-depth rewatch, and in the process generate a ranking of every single episode from best to… well, least-best.

So how will this work? I’m glad you asked. Twice a week (for now) I’ll be posting a recap of an episode and highlighting everything of note in service of assessing if it’s more Jurassic Bark than Jurassic Bite. The list will be generated over time, rather than being posted in one long go, so Space Pilot 3000 will begin at number one, and then we’ll see if The Series Has Landed is better or worse, and go from there all the way up until the unassumingly named Meanwhile.

Along the way I have no doubt all manner of side-features and additional lists will crop up, such as Best Recurring Character, Most Touching Moments, Best Use of Dave Herman… the possibilities are endless. So all aboard for what will hopefully be a fun journey Into The Wild Green Yonder.