Episodes by Season

Can’t see the page you’re looking for at a glance? Not a problem, I’ve got you covered. Below is a full list of every episode of Futurama, by season with a short plot summary thanks to your friends and mine at IMDb. Incidentally, this list is sorted by the originally intended production order, rather than Fox’s wildly different airing schedule.

Season 1

  1. Space Pilot 3000: A down-on-his-luck pizza delivery guy is accidentally frozen on New Year’s Eve 1999, and wakes up in 2999.
  2. Episode 2: The Series Has Landed: For the crew’s first mission, they must make a delivery to the moon, which is now home to a cheesy amusement park.
  3. I, Roommate: Fry and Bender decide to share an apartment, which leads to some complications.
  4. Love’s Labours Lost In Space: While on a mission to save animals from a doomed planet, Leela finds herself the object of a starship captain’s amorous advances.
  5. Fear of a Bot Planet: Fry and Leela disguise themselves as robots to find Bender after he fails to return from a delivery to a robot planet, only to learn that he has become a celebrity in a culture which fears humans.
  6. A Fishful of Dollars: Fry discovers his bank account interest has made him a billionaire and buys the one thing the year 3000 doesn’t have: anchovies.
  7. My Three Suns: Delivery Boy Philip J. Fry is promoted to Emperor after accidentally drinking his fluid-based predecessor.
  8. A Big Piece of Garbage: When a big ball of garbage from the 21st Century returns to threaten New New York, Philip is the only expert on making the weapon to fight it.
  9. Hell Is Other Robots: Bender joins a robot church after fighting an addiction to electricity, but reverts to his pre-addictive behavior of cigars, booze and robot hookers, leading to a musical confrontation with the Robot Devil.
  10. A Flight to Remember: The crew takes a vacation cruise on the maiden voyage of the new space Titanic.
  11. Mars University: Fry matriculates at Mars University and competes with a monkey made smart by Prof. Farnsworth’s latest invention while Bender tries to make the local chapter of his robot fraternity cool.
  12. When Aliens Attack: A monumental attack from Lurr of Omicron Persei 8 is precipitated by the loss of a television signal that Fry disrupted in 1999.
  13. Fry and the Slurm Factory: Fry wins a contest to visit the factory of his favorite addictive drink, but danger ensues when he accidentally discovers the real factory.


Season 2

  1. I Second That Emotion: When Bender flushes Leela’s pet, Prof. Farnsworth affixes an emotional transponder so he can feel what Leela is feeling. Trying to make Leela feel better so he can feel better, Bender, Fry and Leela descend into the bowels of New New York to find her pet.
  2. Brannigan, Begin Again: Zapp Brannigan gets thrown out of the service for destroying a space meeting and as a result of this he begins to work for Planet Express.
  3. A Head in the Polls: Richard Nixon’s head runs for President of Earth.
  4. Xmas Story: Fry learns how Christmas has changed and remained the same over the last 1000 years when a Robot Santa terrorizes New New York.
  5. Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?: When Zoidberg seems to crazy, the crew realizes his body is reacting to the fact that it is mating season on his home planet. They all travel to the planet, hoping to find a mate for Zoidberg.
  6. Put Your Head on My Shoulders: After a horrendous accident requires his body to be rebuilt, Fry’s head is attached to the shoulder of a co-worker while Bender opens a dating service just in time for Valentine’s Day.
  7. The Lesser of Two Evils: Suspicion falls on a new employee when a shipment goes missing.
  8. Raging Bender: Bender becomes a champion robot wrestler.
  9. A Bicyclops Built for Two: After Leela meets a man named Alkazar, she finds out she is not the only Cyclops left. Alkazar takes Leela to his home planet and proposes to marry her. Meanwhile, Fry suspects Alkazar is hiding something.
  10. How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back: The Bureaucracy loves Hermes less while loving Fry loads more.
  11. A Clone of My Own: Prof. Farnsworth reveals that he cloned himself years ago and introduces his clone to the Planet Express staff.
  12. The Deep South: When the crew goes fishing, a giant fish pulls the ship under water. There they find an ancient city, where Fry falls in love with Umbriel, a mermaid.
  13. Bender Gets Made: Bender gets inducted into the Robot mafia but has a crisis of conscience when their next score involves his friends on the Planet Express ship.
  14. The Problem with Popplers: The Planet Express crew discovers a delicious snack food on a remote planet, but Leela has a change of heart when she discovers a disturbing fact about the snack food that endangers Earth.
  15. Mother’s Day: When Mom of Mom’s Robot Factory takes control of every robot on Earth, the only man who can save the planet is Prof. Farnsworth.
  16. Anthology of Interest I: In this episode of Futurama the Professor creates a What If machine that answers every question. The first question is what if Bender was 500 feet tall, the second is what if Leela was more impulsive, and the third is what if Fry never came to the future.

Season 3

  1. The Honking: When the inheritance Bender claims in the Old Country isn’t quite what he expected, the Planet Express crew has to find the source of an age-old curse.
  2. War Is the H-Word: Fry and Bender enlist in the army to get a soldiers discount for bubblegum. When they are called to fight a war on a planet of bouncing ball aliens, Leela disguises herself as man to enlist with them. Bender is eventually sent to parley with the enemy, but this turns out to be a ploy.
  3. The Cryonic Woman: Fry is reunited with his old girlfriend from the 20th Century, but she doesn’t adapt to the 31st century as well as he has. Convincing Fry to return to the cryogenic chamber, they awaken in a barren wasteland and struggle to make a place for themselves.
  4. Parasites Lost: After Fry eats a bad egg-salad sandwich, he begins acting strange. Parasites from the sandwich begin making him smarter and stronger, causing Leela to look at Fry in a new light.
  5. Amazon Women in the Mood: After a disastrous double date, Leela, Amy, Zapp Brannigan and Kif Kroker crash land on a planet. Trying to rescue them, Fry and Bender also crash and everyone discovers the planet is populated by giant Amazon women who have a vengeful leader and an unusual means of implementing the death sentence.
  6. Bendless Love: Bender has been bending stuff in his sleep, so to get his old factory urges out of his system, he takes job at a bending plant. There he falls in love with a Fembot called Angleyne. She happens to be the ex-wife of Benders evil twin Flexo, who also happens to work there.
  7. The Day the Earth Stood Stupid: When flying brains invade, Fry is the only one who can save the Earth from destruction.
  8. That’s Lobstertainment!: The Planet Express staff is amazed to learn that Dr. Zoidberg is related to a famous comedian. Bender convinces a robot soap opera star to finance a movie in the hopes of getting an acting award.
  9. The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz: The professor decides to ship hazardous cargo to the outer reaches of space, but the ship travels through some environmentally sensitive areas, including the penguin refuge on Pluto.
  10. The Luck of the Fryrish: Fry goes on a quest to recover his lucky 7-leaf clover after being convinced that his brother took over his identity after he was frozen.
  11. The Cyber House Rules: Leela returns to the Orphanarium and she meets with her friend Adlai Atkins after some years, and they begin to go out. Adlai is a surgeon and operates Leela to let her have two eyes, and Bender decides to adopt all the children at the Orphanarium to get money from the Government.
  12. Insane in the Mainframe: Fry and Bender are mistakenly convicted of robbing a bank and are both sent to a robot mental institution.
  13. Bendin’ in the Wind: After being crippled, Bender gets a new career as a folk rock singer. Fry, Leela, Amy and Dr. Zoidberg follow him around the country.
  14. Time Keeps On Slippin’: After being challenged to a game of basketball by the planet of the Globetrotters, Prof. Farnsworth creates a team of mutant, atomic supermen, but the side effects of their rapid growth endangers the universe.
  15. I Dated a Robot: Fry ignores the warnings of the Planet Express staff and starts dating a robot with the downloaded personality and holographic image of Lucy Liu. Leela and Bender make a disturbing discovery while trying to save Fry from his short-sighted decision.

Season 4

  1. Roswell That Ends Well
  2. A Tale of Two Santas
  3. Anthology of Interest II
  4. Love and Rocket
  5. Leela’s Homeworld
  6. Where the Buggalo Roam
  7. A Pharaoh to Remember
  8. Godfellas
  9. Future Stock
  10. A Leela of Her Own
  11. 30% Iron Chef
  12. Where No Fan Has Gone Before

Season 5

  1. Crimes of the Hot
  2. Jurassic Bark
  3. The Route of All Evil
  4. A Taste of Freedom
  5. Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch
  6. Less Than Hero
  7. Teenage Mutant Leela’s Hurdles
  8. The Why of Fry
  9. The Sting
  10. The Farnsworth Parabox
  11. Three Hundred Big Boys
  12. Spanish Fry
  13. Bend Her
  14. Obsoletely Fabulous
  15. Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV
  16. The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings

The Movies

  1. Bender’s Big Score
  2. The Beast with a Billion Backs
  3. Bender’s Game
  4. Into the Wild Green Yonder

Season 6

  1. Rebirth
  2. In-a-Gadda-Da-Leela
  3. Attack of the Killer App
  4. Proposition Infinity
  5. The Duh-Vinci Code
  6. Lethal Inspection
  7. The Late Philip J. Fry
  8. That Darn Katz!
  9. A Clockwork Origin
  10. The Prisoner of Benda
  11. Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences
  12. The Mutants Are Revolting
  13. The Futurama Holiday Spectacular
  14. Neutopia
  15. Benderama
  16. Ghost in the Machines
  17. Law and Oracle
  18. The Silence of the Clamps
  19. Yo Leela Leela
  20. All the Presidents’ Heads
  21. Mobius Dick
  22. Fry Am the Egg Man
  23. The Tip of the Zoidberg
  24. Cold Warriors
  25. Overlockwise
  26. Reincarnation

Season 7

  1. The Bots and the Bees: Bender fathers a child with the office beverage machine.
  2. A Farewell to Arms: Earth gets evacuated after a prediction of the end of the planet.
  3. Decision 3012: The Planet Express crew gets involved in the running campaigns for the new world presidency.
  4. The Thief of Baghead: Bender brings his friends in trouble by becoming a paparazzo.
  5. Zapp Dingbat: Leela’s parents break up and while Leela’s mother starts dating, her father picks up his youth where he left it off.
  6. The Butterjunk Effect: Leela and Amy get involved in the tough world of the Butterfly sport.
  7. The Six Million Dollar Mon: After Hermes gets replaced by a machine he gets himself upgraded to become useful again for the company.
  8. Fun on a Bun: When Fry gets trapped in ice during Oktoberfest he is mistaken for a caveman and accepted in the isolated world of the Neanderthals. Convinced he is a Neanderthal himself he decides to plot a war against the stuck up Homo Sapiens.
  9. Free Will Hunting: After Bender realizes he has no power over the decisions he makes, he goes on a soul searching trip to liberate himself from the shackles of his pre-deterministic operation system.
  10. Near-Death Wish: After Fry had a quarrel with Dr Farnsworth about family issues, Fry decides to look up Dr Farnsworths’ parents to enjoy the family he never had.
  11. Viva Mars Vegas: The Planet Express crew goes gambling in Mars Vegas where they risk far more than losing their chips.
  12. 31st Century Fox: When Bender joins the local Fox Hunting Club ethical questions about killing things arise.
  13. Naturama: A humorous mockumentary about nautre.
  14. 2-D Blacktop: After Planet Express ship is scrapped, professor saves it from the junkyard and rebuilds it into a super racer. But an accident during a race sends the ship into a two-dimensional universe.
  15. Fry and Leela’s Big Fling: Fry and Leela try to have some private time, but no matter where they go someone gets in their way. Finally they pay for a secluded romantic getaway, which turns out to be even worse.
  16. T.: The Terrestrial: The crew goes to Omicron Persei 8, where Fry is left behind, and rescued by a local boy, but his only wish is to go home.
  17. Forty Percent Leadbelly: Bender finally fulfills his dream of becoming a folk singer by creating a copy of a famous guitar, but then something goes terribly wrong.
  18. The Inhuman Torch: Bender accidentally becomes a firefighting hero, and loves it so much that he becomes a full-time firefighter. And he has plenty of opportunities to display his heroism, because fires mysteriously start everywhere he goes.
  19. Saturday Morning Fun Pit: President Nixon is watching his favorite TV shows, which spoof three actual cartoon series using Futurama characters.
  20. Calculon 2.0: Fry and Bender resurrect Calculon to make “All My Circuits” interesting again. But things don’t go exactly as planned.
  21. Assie Come Home: Bender searches the entire universe for his shiny metal rear end.
  22. Leela and the Genestalk: The reason why Turanga Munda appears more mutated than in her original appearance is explained.
  23. Game of Tones: The Planet Express crew journeys into Fry’s dreams to pull off a mission in the year 1999.
  24. Murder on the Planet Express: The crew get trapped aboard the Planet Express ship with a horrific alien creature.
  25. Stench and Stenchibility: Zoidberg’s budding romance with a flower shop owner who cannot smell his unpleasant odor is tested when he’s given the opportunity to give her a nose transplant.
  26. Meanwhile: Professor Farnsworth invents a button that can take a person 10 seconds back in time, inadvertently causing major consequences.


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